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Talent Acquisition Professional –
A valued business growth expert

We have a plan – we're here to make your hibernating talent acquisition career inspiration flow back to you! What will do the trick? Well, we will put you to 1) work together with recruitment and EB professionals as a multi-professional talent acquisition team, 2) partner up with our awesome customers and 3) be a strategic partner to growth businesses. Buzz buzz?

Want to hear MORE about our plan to step up your Recruitment or Employer Branding career in the SaaS industry?

Noora Paananen

Talent Acquisition Strategist

I’ve followed TalentBee’s journey since launch, and been impressed by their fresh approach to talent acquisition and EB. I’ve previously worked mostly as an in-house recruiter but as I was thinking about my next career step, I became confident that consulting was the right next move for me: I’d learn so much from working with different companies, people and roles. I also loved the idea of working with people with the same mindset around TA and EB. Aspects that are important to me in my work: autonomy & ownership, flexibility, moving fast, and teammates I want to spend time with. TalentBee ticked all of these boxes for me.

Nea Raaska

Employer Branding Strategist

I wanted to grow my career in employer branding & had just made a hard decision to resign from job in an EB agency since the environment wasn't a fit for me. Before joining TalentBee, I knew that I wanted to continue working in an agency. You can learn so much about different industries and companies! I wanted my future team to share the same mindset about work-life-balance and growth. How to find a job where the growth mindset doesn't mean sacrificing your well-being? TalentBee offered “the best of both worlds”. TalentBee also has an exceptionally clear vision and strategy. Clarity plays a big role in creating well-being at work.

Saara Kyllönen

Co-Founder & Chief Talent Officer

In spring 2022 I felt a bit lost with my career. I started talking with other talent acquisition professionals to ask them what the best workplace would look like. I noticed that roughly 80 % of the people I talked to, were unhappy with their working lives and considered changing careers. I thought that I had to change that! The talent Acquisition industry needs talent – we can’t lose these experts! That’s why we launched TalentBee. We’re on a mission of creating the best workplace for Talent Acquisition Professionals. This is how I got my lost inspiration back!

Our why 💛

Our mission is to make sure talent acquisition isn’t a growth bottleneck for fast-growing SaaS businesses. We’re aiming towards this by raising talent acquisition professionals to an equally valued position with other business growth experts! That’s why we’re here!

We have a lot to buzz about!

Looking for a growth path as a valued expert? If you want to step up your career in talent acquisition, recruitment or employer branding, we want to get to know you! 👀First, make sure to follow our daily life on Instagram to see what it's all about. Now, wanna find out if TalentBee could be your next move? Let's open the game like this:


1. Answer a few questions & book a remote coffee with us

We would like to get to know you and what the best workplace would look like especially to you. Book a remote coffee (we will ask you to answer a few questions regarding your background while doing it) and let's have a chat! (Not available at the moment due to so many requests our small team couldn't handle it. <3 New process coming soon!)

Book a remote coffee (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

2. Let's start getting to know each other

If we detect a mutual match, let's start getting to know each other. In this phase you get invited to our HoT, "Hive of Talents" – a well kept secret socie...KIDDING! It's not a secret community, but a group of Talent Acquisition enthusiasts like ourselves – gathering once a month, learning, sharing knowledge and creating some awesome TA buzz together. Taking this industry forward!


3. Case challenge to make the hiring decisions

Next up: case challenge, a made-up, but real-life talent acquisition strategy task meant to inspire you. Our work combines strategic employer branding and recruitment, so at this point you get to know our approach a bit better. We're not looking for perfect, but want to find out if you could bring some awesomeness and growth potential to our team!


4. We'll make a Growth Plan for you

After the case challenge we will create a personal Growth Plan for you. Based on our knowledge about your career phase and aspirations, this is our suggestion for how you could develop your career next.


5. Job offer

You like the Growth Plan and there's a mutual "HELL YES"? You could make it real with us. This is where the Growth Plan turns into a job offer for you. Next we will look for the best start date, ensure awesome projects for you, let you choose your tools and all that lovely jazz. 🤗


6. Get in our hive and start doing your sting

When you start, we have a carefully planned onboarding process waiting for you. There's a lot to learn during the first weeks and beyond! But most of all, we're excited to have YOU on board & do your sting.

Dive in – We have something to say! 😝

What is our expertise at TalentBee? How do we operate as a strategic partner to business? What do we think about working life? We strive to make EVERYTHING transparent. This way you can more easily think about whether we could be the right next step for your career!

Our recruitment guidelines: How and when do we make hiring decisions?

When and how do we make hiring decisions and keep our growth profitable and sustainable at the same time?

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The next career step as a talent acquisition professional: should I go for an inhouse or agency role?

Thinking about your next career move in talent acquisition? You should ask yourself one question!

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Moving towards a 4-day work week at TalentBee

We decided to pilot a 4-day work week at TalentBee starting in January 2023.

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Read about the typical roles at TalentBee 😎

Employer Branding Content Creator


Talent Acquisition Strategist


Employer Branding Strategist


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Do you work fully remote?

Yes. You can really work where ever you want. But there's a dog friendly office for people who love dogs and offices coming up in Helsinki soon, too!

What does it mean to combine recruitment and employer branding?

Our solution to our SaaS customer's hiring problems is to combine recruitment and employer branding. In highly competitive talent markets one just simply can't work without the other.

In our everyday life it means that recruitment and employer branding professionals work seamlessly together as multi-professional TalentBee teams in customer collaborations.

And yes, we think these are two different roles – recruiters and employer branding experts are typically very different from each other and have different skillsets. We don't push them into the same role.

Whether you are a recruiter or an EB pro – this means that you can really do your own sting & focus on what you do best!

Read more about how we combine recruitment and EB in our customer work>>

What kind of SaaS customers are we collaborating with? >>

What kind of leadership & culture do you have?

We are aiming to be the best workplace for talent acquisition professionals and one big part of that is investing in building our culture and good leadership.

We're only just getting everything started, but to this point we have focused on building good processes, creating a value-led, growth-minded and honest culture and finding the best practices for internal communication.

Our whole culture as well as leadership will be based on giving and receiving feedback. This one is tightly related to our fuck-up culture, where it's psychologically safe to fail. We are trying a lot of new things and that's why this is really crucial for us.

We lead a clear vision for TalentBee: becoming the best workplace for TA pros & the best talent acquisition partner for SaaS companies. We aim for growth.

We are really open about this: a culture of high growth and radical transparency is definitely not for everyone.

Read more about what kind of examples our leaders are setting for aiming for our vision and creating a psychologically safe growth culture, where there's a permission to fuck up and really become a top expert:

Our CEO Samuli's thoughts about creating a culture that accepts failure >>

Read about our values >>

What makes the best
workplace for YOU? 🧐

What ever the best workplace might look like to you as a talent acquisition pro – we are up for it! We would be honored to hear more.

We have chosen to focus on our people and continuously improve TalentBee as a workplace. This is our strategy to become the world's best talent acquisition partner for SaaS companies – we are aiming to build the world's best workplace for talent acquisition professionals first.

Book a remote coffee & share your thoughts with us ☕️

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