Building Talent Pipelines

Hiring problems threatening your business goals? The struggle is real if you're planning to grow your headcount with more than 5 new colleagues yearly in a competitive talent market. With a clear process, we take care of your weekly employer brand growth & recruitment actions.

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How Building Talent Pipelines works?

1. Talent Strategy set up for success

Everything starts with taking a look into your business strategy, ARR goals, SaaS product roadmap, future hiring needs, already existing hiring processes, culture and employee experiences. Based on this knowledge our team sets up a practical talent acquisition strategy – including employer brand growth marketing and recruiting.

We're not the right partner for everyone – Why choose TalentBee?

2. Creating a roadmap to your sustainable hiring success

A clear plan will lead the weekly actions of getting you where you need to be – ensuring the hiring success for your business growth. We will only recommend and run actions that are cost-efficient, scalable, and bring you flexibility and results. The results can be seen in the long term as better recruitment success, retention, a growing good employer reputation & brand, lower acquisition costs and a better time to hire.

Why choose a strategic talent acquisition partner in the first place?

3. Running the weekly talent acquisition processes for you

We run your weekly talent acquisition and employer branding processes according to the roadmap as a whole, or collaborating as a part of your team. On top of that, we measure success, observe, optimize, test new approaches, make continuous improvement and guide you to sustainable results.

How our customers feel about working with TalentBee?

What we do and what you do?


Your company

Talent strategy & Action plan
Company Vision & Business strategy
Helping to define the talent segments and profiles according to your product roadmap
Your SaaS product roadmap & growth goals
Inspiring & talented team ready to help you (We'll start from the urgent recruitments, so don't worry!)
Commitment and willingness to ditch ad hoc recruitment and go for strategic talent acquisition & sustainable results
Running your weekly talent acquisition processes to make results for you
Developing the employee experience internally as we go

Janette Hagerlund

Chief Operating Officer

Working with TalentBee led to a successful hire for a Technical Support Team Manager role. Their unique blend of recruitment marketing and expert support made the hiring process swift and efficient. We appreciated their proactive communication and creative ideas. TalentBee's approach, from profile definition to compelling job ads, attracted high-quality candidates. The inclusion of employer branding played a significant role in finding candidates who align with our culture. The entire process was well-managed and efficient, leading to a successful hire in just 6 weeks.

Jaana Raaska

COO, Partner

"Qreform's partnership with TalentBee was the right solution for our recruitment needs. In just four months, we hired three new team members, including a Technical Project Manager, Senior Frontend Developer, and Technical Specialist. At first, we were nervous about working with a new partner because of our previous struggles with slow and uncertain recruitment processes. TalentBee's fast, efficient process and open communication made the collaboration a success. Choosing the right partner and defining precise profiles were pivotal to our results."

Marko Valli

Co-Founder and board member at Fondion

Fondion's partnership with TalentBee was a strategic decision for us. They've not only helped us recruit top talent but also strategize and streamline our talent acquisition processes. The candidate experiences have been exceptional, and we're now building a strong employer brand as well. We're on track to achieve our growth goals and aim for our next startup growth phase.

M-files Markus Ritala

Group Product Manager

We couldn’t have found similar talent on our own. I had just done a few similar recruitments myself, but now I found myself without having time to do this recruitment. I also felt like I couldn’t find any more suiting candidates for the role, so we decided to partner up with TalentBee.

Niki Saukolin

Managing Director

We found a Head of Sales for Sitedrive within 40 days in collaboration with TalentBee. The candidate quality was very high. There were more and more candidates coming in during the process all the time. Our biggest trouble with TalentBee was that there were so many good candidates to choose from.

Elina Turunen

Marketing Commander

As a marketing professional responsible for brand development and all marketing and communications, I realized that I needed more resources to achieve our employer brand building goals, so we started collaborating with TalentBee. Together with our tech recruiters, we have been delighted with the open communication between our teams. Nea from TalentBee keeps us informed weekly. We appreciate TalentBee's transparency and feedback culture, and as someone who values frequent feedback, too, it has been a positive experience working with TalentBee. Overall, I am satisfied with our collaboration and results achieved.

Teppo Kattilakoski

CEO & Founder

TalentBee helped us overcome a challenge of finding top talent in a competitive field. We wanted a personalized approach and didn't want to settle for bulk lists of candidates or copy-paste messages. TalentBee delivered with a value-add approach and found the perfect fit for our Backend-focused Fullstack Developer role. Working with an external partner was a cost-effective and flexible solution, as building an internal tech recruitment capability would also have taken time and money. We chose to invest in quality and were impressed with the results.

Jussi Alare

Co-Founder, Sales Director

In our fast-growing industry it is easier to close sales than to attract top talent. In order for us to grow, Devikone needs both with a synchronized timing: closing new customers and hiring new talent to work on the projects. That’s why we chose to focus on strengthening our employer brand. Creating the employer branding strategy with TalentBee was easy. Their competence was shown by the strength of their vision, which has surprised us. They are a young company, but the employer branding know-how and the quality of the outcomes have been top class.

Tiina Hahtovirta

Chief Human Resources Officer

"We chose TalentBee as an EB partner because they were a culture fit for us. Like us, they appreciate data-based decision making & ruthless prioritizing."

Ville Häkkinen

CTO & Co-Founder

“We launched our HeadQ in the spring of 2022. We were a team of 3 founders. Our customers started asking for new features and it was crucial to start working on them. We wanted to ensure customers stayed happy and to deliver the product. Being the CTO and the only technical person at HeadQ, my table became full quite quickly. At the same time, I needed to start building my recruitment pipeline to get ready to scale my team. I was in a situation where I needed to choose whether to use the time to hire and build the pipeline or develop the product. I decided to partner up with TalentBee on our recruitments and was delighted with their expertise in technical roles.”

Mikko Merikanto


“Talentbee’s understanding of SaaS business & focus on finding only SaaS talent helped us a lot during our cooperation. They really helped & challenged us to define the needed profile for our marketing team. The partnership was managed well & we are happy with the end results.”

Kai Virkki

CTO & Co-Founder

“We had just raised our 7,2 m€ seed round of funding and needed help with our recruitments. We worked together with Talentbee and we were extremely satisfied with the cooperation. We especially valued their understanding of SaaS businesses & their ability to challenge us in more technical roles in our DevOps team.”

Linda Skogberg-Lehtinen


“We have worked with several recruitment agencies before while scaling our sales team. It often felt like they were pushing candidates to us that maybe were not truly fitting, and that the goal was more to finish the project as soon as possible than to have our best in mind. I came across TalentBee, an agency specialized in SaaS businesses, and they seemed different. I decided to give them a chance and we started a cooperation. To this point they have challenged me on what kind of a sales person would be a good fit for us. They have challenged me on whether we are offering a good environment for sales people to succeed. They have brought new ideas to our own sales process as well as sales onboarding. And what is the most important thing, they have brought in some great candidates with perfect backgrounds for us. They are not just another recruitment agency – they truly care about scaling our business by helping us to attract and hire the right talent for our growth."

Otto Hilska

Founder & CEO, Swarmia

"At Swarmia we build a tool that help engineering teams to accelerate their growth. We raised Seed funding round of 8m€ and needed support on tech-recruitments and choose Talentbee to help us in these. They had clear process for profile definition and in the end it was really worth it. The list of potential candidates I got was a spot on. We have done most of our recruitments in-house so it was nice that someone was leading the process and saved time from me as a founder."

Pricing - select a service

Combine Recruitment & Employer Branding

Hiring needs are always different. You get our full service package with an easy, ongoing monthly subscription tailored for your needs. Answer a few questions and get your price in seconds.

From 8000€ / recruitment
All plans include weekly ongoing actions:
Talent Acquisition strategy
Building Talent pipelines
Recruitment of needed candidates
Building Employer Brand through multiple channels
Paid advertising for EB & job ads
Running the needed interviews
Unlimited profile definitions & job ads
Sourcing & outreach to candidates
Creating awesome candidate experience
Plans for every sized SaaS companies.
All plans include:
Employer Branding strategy
Employer Brand growth marketing activities
Dedicated Employer Branding Strategist
Optimizing actions continuously based on data


For companies bootstrapping / pre-seed.

€ 2490 /month
4 social media posts on personal SoMe profiles of founders / other key people.
4 social media posts on company channels
1 paid campaign of chosen content to increase visibility


For companies in seed / A round.

€ 4 900/month
4 social media posts on personal SoMe profiles of founders / other key people.
8–12 social media posts to chosen channels
2 paid campaigns of chosen content to increase visibility and drive traffic to career site content
2 blog posts or employee stories on career site & blog

Preparing for Hyper-Growth

For companies past B round.

from € 9 500/month
Tailored to your exact need.
Everything you need for hyper-growth.
Plans for every sized SaaS companies.
All plans include:
Employer Branding Specialist
100% happiness guarantee

One-time Recruitment & Headhunting

Includes everything you need to find the right person for your company.

from € 7600* / recruitment.

*Profile, seniority & your brand reputation affects the pricing.
Profile definition
Job ad
1 blog post to your career site
5 social media posts to company channels
5 post templates for posts on personal LinkedIn profiles
Paid ads campaign on 2 chosen SoMe channels
Sourcing and hand-picking candidates on LinkedIn
Multi-channel outreach to potential candidates
Interviews together with your team
Reference check
Job offer
Finding the best possible talent for you
Plans for every sized SaaS companies.
All plans include:
Employer Branding strategy
Employer Brand growth marketing activities
Dedicated Employer Branding Strategist
Optimizing actions continuously based on data

In-house recruiter

Full-time: € 11 200 /month
Part-time: € 5 800 /month
Full-cycle recruitment as part of your in-house recruitment team.
Sourcing, outreach, interviews & job offers
Building recruitment processes in a scalable way
Collecting data, analytics & market insights
Perfect for running 2-6 recruitment processes simultaneously
On-going contract with 2 month's notice period

In-house employer branding

Full-time: € 11 200 /month
Part-time: € 5 800 /month
Employer Brand Strategist as part of your in-house recruitment team.
Creating & updating your employer branding strategy
Content production to different channels
Collecting data & analytics regarding employer branding results
Planning employer branding based on the results.
On-going contract with 2 month's notice period

Interim TA Lead

Full-time: € 15 700 /month
Part-time: € 8 150 /month
Perfect for running your TA team and taking it to the next level
Setting up scalable processes for your recruitment & employer branding
Taking your recruitment from reactive to proactive
Collecting data & analytics to align your business goals with talent strategy
On-going contract with 2 month's notice period

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Do I have to commit to yearly contract?

No. All of your contracts are ongoing contracts with 3-months notice period.

Why not go for success fee based pricing in recruitment?

Success fee based recruitment partnerships aim for quick wins that do not benefit your brand in any way. We always build your employer brand with growth marketing tactics to create long-term value, too. Read more>>

What if we don't need to hire every month?

Not every month will look the same in your hiring plans. Taking your talent acquisition to a strategic level means that we commit to your long-term growth goals and work for them every week anyway. Even when you're not actively hiring, we work on building your employer brand and talent pipelines. This way everything is set up when you need to hire!

What is included in Talent Acquisition as a Service?

Talent Acquisition as a Service with TalentBee includes both employer branding and recruitment with a monthly subscription model. It means that we commit to your yearly headcount growth targets and run your weekly talent acquisition actions to get you there.