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Are you ready to ditch ad hoc recruitment, and take your talent acquisition to a strategic level? Through a clear process, we build your Talent Pipelines to make sure talent acquisition won't become your growth bottleneck. Start preparing your SaaS business for high growth!

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Jussi Alare

Co-Founder, Sales Director

In our fast-growing industry it is easier to close sales than to attract top talent. In order for us to grow, Devikone needs both with a synchronized timing: closing new customers and hiring new talent to work on the projects. That’s why we chose to focus on strengthening our employer brand. Creating the employer branding strategy with TalentBee was easy. Their competence was shown by the strength of their vision, which has surprised us. They are a young company, but the employer branding know-how and the quality of the outcomes have been top class.

Tiina Hahtovirta

Chief Human Resources Officer

"We chose TalentBee as an EB partner because they were a culture fit for us. Like us, they appreciate data-based decision making & ruthless prioritizing."

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