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Strategic talent pipeline development, creative employer brand building, and embedded recruitment - all under one roof. Transform the way you attract, hire, and retain top talent with TalentBee.

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Hear it from
our customers  🐝

We help our customers to find the right people to grow their SaaS business. It's about making sure that talent acquisition won't become the growth bottleneck for the business.

"Working with TalentBee, we were able to pivot our collaboration towards EB very quickly when recruitment needs changed. The flexibility of TalentBee's business model provides extra adaptability in the dynamic startup environment. Flexibility is key when operating in the startup world, and being able to adjust allocations smoothly has been invaluable."

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Petteri Tuomimaa

Head of HR

"It's evident they're passionate about their profession and deeply committed to their customers' satisfaction and results."

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Jussi Virnala

Founder & CEO

“TalentBee is a forward thinking company who are fun to work with. Our goal is to grow the company internationally and this means building a scalable talent acquisition function. TalentBee helps us with that and makes sure we get the best people to our team that share the vision of the company. TalentBee has delivered us fast results and we continue our cooperation with their on-going talent acquisition as a service model.”

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Raine Kajastila

Valo Motion
CEO & Founder

"Working with TalentBee, we were able to pivot our collaboration towards EB very quickly when recruitment needs changed. The flexibility of TalentBee's business model provides extra adaptability in the dynamic startup environment. Flexibility is key when operating in the startup world, and being able to adjust allocations smoothly has been invaluable."

Petteri Tuomimaa


Recruitment is broken.
Here’s how we’re fixing it.

The Old Traditional Way ❌

Ad-hoc recruitment when you realize
you need someone to join your team

No employer brand strategy & only
posting when you are hiring.

Measure your headcount growth

One recruiter handling everything from
employer branding to recruitments etc

Focus on only filling the roles you have open today

Company-centric recruitment process

No measurement framework
across the recruitment process

✅ The New TalentBee Way

Talent strategy that is aligned with
your business strategy

Clear employer brand strategy & actively build
your employer brand (also when you are not hiring)

Measure your ARR & profit per headcount

Different experts handling employer
branding, GTM & Tech recruitments

Focus on building a talent pipeline for the future

Candidate-centric recruitment process

Measurement framework across
the entire talent flywheel

Constantly build talent pipelines
to support your future growth

Shorten time-to-hire
and lower cost-per-hire

Use a holistic measurement framework
based on data to guide decision-making

Welcome to the future of
SaaS talent acquisition

Ad-hoc recruitment is not how you build a world-class SaaS team. Unfortunately, many companies still follow the old, linear way of hiring.

That’s why we pioneered a completely new approach to talent acquisition based on our own experiences of working in SaaS recruitment. We call it the Talent Flywheel.

-> Build and refine your talent pipeline strategy
-> Launch employer brand building initiatives
-> Attract and hire top talent
-> Measure your TA performance with full-funnel metrics

Don’t let talent acquisition
slow you down

Using our unique and proven approach to talent acquisition, we assess your growth strategy, identify the biggest hiring levers for growth, then build a customised talent acquisition plan and work with your team to get it done.


Develop a strategic talent pipeline plan


Create, launch, and scale employer brand campaigns and initiatives


Hire top talent through embedded recruitment

Great Alone. Better Together.

Our services can be bought
standalone or as a unified package.

From 6000€/month

Talent Acquisition
as a Service (Most popular)

Strategic talent pipeline development, creative employer brand campaigns, and embedded recruitment - all in one.

-> Includes embedded recruiter & employer branding professional

-> On-going contract with 2 months notice period

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From 3150€/month

Employer Branding as a service

Employer brand strategy & creative employer brand campaigns run to you every month.

-> Increase the number of high-quality applications

-> Reduce the amount of money spent on recruitment agencies

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From 3150€/month

as a Service

Embedded recruitment directly as part of your team - focus on hiring high number of Tech or GTM roles

-> Full-cycle recruitment or sourcing based on your need

-> Achieve your short term hiring needs

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From  7500 €/project

Headhunting projects for key roles

We combine headhunting and recruitment marketing to fill your key roles in tech & GTM teams

-> Tech & GTM roles like SDR, AE, Developers, Engineers

-> C-level searches like CEO, CMO, COO, CFO

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Otto Hilska

Founder & CEO

"At Swarmia we build a tool that help engineering teams to accelerate their growth. We raised Seed funding round of 8m€ and needed support on tech-recruitments and choose Talentbee to help us in these. They had clear process for profile definition and in the end it was really worth it. The list of potential candidates I got was a spot on. We have done most of our recruitments in-house so it was nice that someone was leading the process and saved time from me as a founder."

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Meet the people behind TalentBee

Hey, we’re the TalentBee team. We all come from the world of SaaS and talent acquisition so we know how hard it is to find the right people here in Europe to grow your SaaS business. In fact, the more companies we spoke to, the more we realised a new approach to talent acquisition was needed.

You see, the traditional way is very ad-hoc, lacks strategy, and relies on CEOs, Founders, and hiring managers to lean in and do all the work, occasionally calling in headhunters to help fill open positions.

But that’s not how you attract, hire, and retain the top talent in SaaS.

It takes a combination of creative employer brand building, strategic talent pipeline development, and embedded recruiting. This is where we come in.

TalentBee is a modern Talent Acquisition agency based in Finland helping SaaS companies find the right people in Europe to grow their business.

If you want to move from passive employer brand development and ad-hoc recruitment to actively building your employer brand and future talent pipeline, then reach out and we’ll be happy to show how you can start attracting the top talent to your SaaS business.

As we say, don’t let talent acquisition become your growth bottleneck.

- Saara, Siiri, Samuli and the TalentBee team

Everything you need to know about SaaS talent acquisition


Interviews with SaaS founders & Talent Acquisition experts on how they scale their teams. Real life stories with fuck ups & learnings!

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The impact a strategic, long-term approach to talent acquisition has had for our customers. Read the real life stories from our collaborations with tech startups in different growth phases.

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Articles full of insights about the future of SaaS talent acquisition, work-life transformation, and how to hire the best talent for your business.

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