January 24, 2024

We're not the right Talent Acquisition partner for everyone – Why choose TalentBee?

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Why choose TalentBee as a talent acquisition partner? Let’s start with something that most companies don’t talk about. Here’s a list of things that tell you if we might not be the right partner for you!

TalentBee isn’t the right talent acquisition partner for you if:

❌ If you plan to hire less than 5 people in the next 12 months.

❌ If you only want to do headhunting & not focus on Employer Branding at all.

❌ If you are not ready to ditch risky and ineffective ad hoc hiring and take your talent acquisition to a strategic level.

❌ If you have a big employee turn-over and you are not focusing on fixing an internal problem.

❌ If you are not willing to try out new things to find ways that work better than your current ways.

❌ If you will choose your recruitment partner only based on the price tag.

Ok so we got that out of the way!

Next, we will talk about..

When we are most likely the best possible partner for you:

❤️ You are a SaaS company. We are focusing on helping SaaS companies. Here are the benefits you will get from working with us:

  1. No need to waste time on explaining your business model to us. We get it. We understand that you have clear MRR-growth goals and need to grow X % MOM. We understand what investors are expecting from you when you raise an A round of funding.
  2. We have walked the same way. All of our founders & employees have backgrounds in different growth stages in SaaS companies. This means that we know what kind of people you need and when. Do you need a CFO or is it better to outsource it? Are you really looking for a Head of Growth or should you hire someone more hands-on? Does it make sense to build an internal SDR function? We got you.
  3. Talent pools & networks of SaaS professionals. Since we work with only SaaS companies we heavily build on talent pools. We get messages weekly from developers & sales persons looking for their next challenges in SaaS companies. Focusing has its perks. Still, we handpick the right candidates for each position and company case by case.

❤️ You are hiring 10+ new colleagues / year.

Our approach of combining Employer Branding & building Talent Pipelines is the best fit when you are recruiting a lot of people. The more you hire = The more profitable our model is for you. When you are hiring a lot of people you should understand that talent acquisition should be long-term and strategic.

❤️ Your leadership is interested in developing your Talent Acquisition functions.

If your leadership doesn’t understand the importance of Talent Acquisition things will be hard. They need to get the idea that investing in an Employer Brand is good for the company. (If you have a challenge with this we can help you to sell the idea!)

We want to share one numerical example that typically gets Founders excited on investing in Employer Branding.

Let’s take the example that you are recruiting 50 people a year. Whether you are using headhunters or an internal team we can use an investment of €10 000 per recruitment as a baseline.

This means that you are using €500 000 / year for recruiting new people.

What you can expect from successful Employer Branding is two things that affect your profitability:

  1. Amount of money used in recruiting will go down by 10-20%
  2. Your employee turnover rate will go lower for two reasons:

a) Employer Branding is also internal communication and when you communicate on an active basis about the things that are meaningful to your talent audience – People will stay longer.

b) Your future employees know a lot about your company and where they would be joining – This creates a situation where your candidates are great fit for you culture and will stay longer.

❤️ International growth

Our focus is on SaaS companies that want to grow internationally and open up new markets. We are building an international team & partner network so we can support you on this in the best way possible.

❤️ When hiring for tech & commercial roles

We help SaaS companies with multiple different roles. There are companies that specialize in doing sales recruitments for all kinds of companies. There are also companies who are focusing only on tech-recruitments for all kinds of companies.

We decided to go the other way round. So focus on SaaS companies, but support you in all the roles you are having. These typically include:

Product / Engineering / technical roles:

  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Data engineers
  • DevOps engineers


  • SDR
  • Account Executives
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Team leaders
  • Head of Sales
  • VP of Sales


  • Growth marketeer
  • Content marketer
  • Product marketer
  • Paid Acquisition
  • Data & analytics
  • Head of Marketing
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of Demand generation

Customer Success:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • VP of Customer Success

C-Level recruitments:

  • CTO
  • CFO
  • CEO
  • COO
  • CGO

That’s why most of our customers choose to work with us. Don’t just take our word for it – let’s hear it from our customers (link to our references page)

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