Noice’s strategic pivot with Talent Acquisition as a Service to focus on Employer Branding

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Petteri Tuomimaa

Head of HR

"Working with TalentBee, we were able to pivot our collaboration towards EB very quickly when recruitment needs changed. The flexibility of TalentBee's business model provides extra adaptability in the dynamic startup environment. Flexibility is key when operating in the startup world, and being able to adjust allocations smoothly has been invaluable."

Project summary

Noice raised a successful $21 million funding round and needed help with hiring the best possible talents for their team. TalentBee helped them with hiring and employer branding and worked closely with their talent acquisition team.

In the exciting world of live streaming, Noice has arrived to change the game. It's more than just streaming; it's a whole new way to get involved. Users can play along with streams, make predictions, win big, and show off their skills. Noice is turning watching into playing, offering something truly unique for streamers and viewers.

After two years under wraps and a successful $21 million funding round, Noice was ready to grow but faced a huge task. 

Moving from stealth mode to a closed beta phase meant they needed more people, quickly. With support from big names like F4 Fund, Bitkraft, and Supercell's leaders, Noice was set for success. But the real question was how to build a remote team across Europe that could turn this vision into reality.

In today's world, where we're still dealing with big changes, the old ways of hiring just weren't working anymore. Noice needed a partner who understood the unique dynamics of their product and business, the distinctiveness of their company culture, and the ambitious trajectory they were set on.

Enter TalentBee, specializing in Talent Acquisition as a Service for fast-growing tech companies. The objective was clear: to attract top-tier talent across Europe who could thrive in a remote environment.

Setting the stage for the strategic collaboration

At the heart of this partnership was a shared vision: 

  1. Fill challenging roles with about two high-caliber hires each month 
  2. Elevate Noice's EB content to new heights.

The expectations from Noice to TalentBee

From the outset, Noice had clear expectations. They were looking for exceptional support in hiring for complex roles, starting with a critical position – Product Analytics Lead. The focus was on tech roles, maintaining a no-compromise stance on quality over speed. Additionally, regular, high-quality EB content was a priority, under the guidance of Petteri Tuomimaa, their Head of HR.

Collaboration content

The collaboration was meticulously planned:

  • Recruitment and employer branding integration: A seamless monthly subscription service from TalentBee, dividing focus between recruitment (three days a week) and EB (one day a week).
  • Team composition: Jesse Helin and Sami Ranta-aho would lead the recruitment efforts, focusing on defining profiles, writing job descriptions, and managing end-to-end recruitment. Siiri Laaksonen and Nea Raaska would concentrate on EB, aiming to create inspiring content and enhance Noice’s social media presence.
  • Content creation: A significant part of this partnership would be creating engaging and high-quality content. This would include everything from main blog or video content to social media posts and visuals. A special emphasis was placed on leveraging AI for generating a job ad template and prompts, ensuring consistency and quality in job advertisements.
  • Process efficiency: Establishing efficient processes for content creation would be crucial. This would involve close collaboration between Noice and TalentBee to ensure that the recruitment and EB strategies were complementary and streamlined.

Initial impressions

The TalentBee team was immediately impressed by Noice's dynamism and the quality of its people. Recognized as a "hot" company poised to challenge industry giants like Twitch and YouTube, Noice's fast-paced growth and friendly, talented team set high expectations for the collaboration from our part! 💖

The strategic pivot in Noice and TalentBee's collaboration

The world of startups is fast-paced and unpredictable, and Noice is no exception. Shortly after initiating the planned collaboration with TalentBee, Noice encountered the need for a swift strategic pivot. The original plan to make approximately two hires per month was revised down to a single challenging tech recruitment process. 

This shift is a common occurrence in the startup landscape, where flexibility and rapid adaptation are key to navigating the ebbs and flows of business needs.

Adding to the challenge, TalentBee faced internal changes with Jesse's resignation, prompting a reshuffle in roles within their team. Such changes required both Noice and TalentBee to reassess their collaboration strategy swiftly.

A new direction

In light of these developments, the collaboration underwent a significant transformation:

  • Sami stepped up to lead the recruitment efforts entirely, ensuring that the critical hiring needs of Noice continued to be addressed with the highest level of expertise.
  • Employer branding initiatives became the core focus: The focus of the collaboration shifted towards more extensive employer branding initiatives. Siiri took charge of the EB strategy, with Nea supporting the creation of cornerstone content based on her interviews with key Noice personnel.

Employer branding enhancements

The pivot to prioritize employer branding led to several impactful initiatives:

  • EB Pitch Book: A workshop facilitated by Siiri with Noice's employees laid the groundwork for identifying Noice's unique EB positioning in a competitive talent market.
  • Content plan and calendar: The team developed a comprehensive plan for EB content marketing and brand growth.
  • Cornerstone content: In-depth interviews conducted by Nea with Noice's CEO Jussi Laakkonen, HR Lead Petteri, and Developer Tobias Helsing formed the basis for compelling EB content.
  • New career page copy on LinkedIn Life: A new career page plan and engaging copy were produced to enhance Noice's presence on LinkedIn, reflecting their revamped EB messaging.
  • Communication templates: Customized candidate communication templates were crafted to align with Noice's EB positioning and messages.
  • Job ad templates: Efficient AI-driven prompts were designed to streamline the job advertisement process, maintaining the quality and consistency of Noice's employer brand.

Noice’s Employer Branding Pitch Book contents.

Reflections on the pivot

Petteri, Noice's TA Lead, commented on the agility of the collaboration, highlighting the benefits of TalentBee's business model in accommodating the fluidity of startup operations. 

"Working with TalentBee, we were able to pivot our collaboration towards EB very quickly when recruitment needs changed. The flexibility of TalentBee's business model provides extra adaptability in the dynamic startup environment. Flexibility is key when operating in the startup world, and being able to adjust allocations smoothly has been invaluable.” - Petteri Tuomimaa, Head of HR

Interview with Noice’s founder Jussi & sharing his thoughts about building a team

Moving forward

This adaptive approach set a new timeline for the collaboration, now aiming to conclude in spring 2024, and potentially continuing later this year. The focus was on achieving as much as possible in the given timeframe, leveraging the combined strengths of Noice and TalentBee to make significant strides in employer branding and recruitment despite initial plans' unexpected changes.

By quickly adapting and working together towards a common goal, Noice and TalentBee showed that being flexible and smart about changes can really pay off. We proved that us startups can handle and even do well when things don't go as planned. 💖

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