Wellmo – Building the core team for a SaaS company in the digital health industry

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Jaakko Olkkonen

CEO & Founder

"Sometimes when you buy a service you don’t get what is promised. With TalentBee we have got exactly what we were promised during our buying process."

Project summary

Wellmo is building a "Platform for digital health services" and they have found the product-market-fit for their product. This means scaling their team, ramping up their revenue from 2M€ to 10M€ and strengthening the core team. To achieve this, they decided to partner up with TalentBee.

As Wellmo is still a small team they didn’t have a specified person running their talent acquisition or HR. It was mainly their CEO Jaakko Olkkonen and their Head of Customer Success, Henrika Serén-Johansson handling these things on top of their actual work. 

They reached out to TalentBee in the spring of 2024 and wanted to focus on the following things:

✅ Build a recruitment and employer branding strategy

✅ Building and strengthening the core team at Wellmo. Starting with hiring 4 key people to their team before the summer of 2024.

✅ Start building their employer brand and recruitment function and be prepared for the next growth stage of the company

✅ Retention of current people and how to hire people who will stay and perform at Wellmo

Wellmo has used a lot of outside help in customer success and product development and now they want to build an in-house team for roles such as:

✅ Business Developer

✅ DevOps Engineer

✅ Lead Frontend Developer

✅ Customer Success Manager

Starting the cooperation and building the core team

Wellmo started the cooperation with TalentBee’s Talent Acquisition as a service model which means that they have a team consisting of:

  1. Recruiter taking care of GTM and Tech recruitment and the recruitment function.
  2. Employer Branding Strategist taking care of the employer branding side and recruitment marketing

Here are some examples of what we have done together in the first months.

#1 Recruitment boosted with recruitment marketing focused on the critical hiring roles 

First, we kickstarted our cooperation with critical hiring roles: Business Developer & DevOps Engineer.  

We identified Wellmo’s main focus as hiring a Business Developer to ensure their growth goals of scaling the company and grow their annual revenue rate from 2M€ to 10M€. In addition, they needed a DevOps Engineer who could take full responsibility of their DevOps practices and area. 

To help Wellmo achieve their recruitment goals, we started with kickoff meetings for both roles. In this meeting, we clearly defined the role, the needs, and what makes it unique. This groundwork helped us write effective job advertisements for both roles. We focused the ad on showing potential candidates what kind of career and growth opportunities they will get.

Hired Head of Growth & Head of Business Development – time-to-hire of 7 weeks

Through a well-crafted job advertisement, effective recruitment marketing, and the connections of the Talentbee team, we managed to attract highly qualified applicants and suitable talents. As a result, minimal headhunting was needed. We conducted:

  • intro discussions with 11 candidates, 
  • of whom 6 progressed to the next round. 
  • Ultimately, 3 candidates reached the final stage of the selection process with us. 
  • After 7 weeks we hired 2 candidates instead of one! 

During the recruitment process, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Linda, looked after both the candidates and the hiring managers. She led conversations, ensuring everyone felt heard and that the process went smoothly. 

For example, one candidate was hesitant about changing jobs, but Linda brainstormed with them and presented the career opportunity at Wellmo in the most informative way possible. Thanks to her cooperative approach, even with Wellmo's lesser-known employer brand, we successfully hired this top-notch professional.

At the time of writing, we have signed a job contract with our new DevOps Engineer and CSM candidates and are in final discussions with potential candidates for Lead Frontend Developer positions.

Job ad for Business Developer & DevOps Engineer:

Once the job ad was ready, we created a 3-week organic recruitment marketing campaign to promote that and reach potential candidates for both roles. We utilized Wellmo’s LinkedIn company and the personal LinkedIn profile of Wellmo's CEO, Jaakko, to reach a wide network of potential candidates. The post performed very well and led to discussions with a few promising candidates on the Business Developer role who were interested in joining Wellmo.

Post from Jaakko’s personal LinkedIn profile:

Posts from Wellmo’s company LinkedIn page to Business Developer role:

Posts for Wellmo’s company page for DevOps role: 

In addition to the organic recruitment marketing, we built a 3-week paid advertisement campaign on LinkedIn for the DevOps Engineer role as the target audience was harder to reach. The role had certain criterias that needed to be met, most specifically about seniority. The used budget was 300€ and here are some results: 

  • 5,5K impressions with a 1,78 % click-through-rate
  • We got 98 users to the career page in total which is a good result considering that we targeted only senior people who are in demand.
  • Based on the demographic report the targeting was successful and we reached senior DevOps developers as planned.

#2 Employer branding to find Wellmo’s strengths as an employer and to build internal employer brand ownership

In addition to the recruitment, our Employer Branding Strategist Nea started to work on Wellmo’s employer brand. We identified that there were two goals: 

1) To build an internal employer brand and employer brand ownership to the current team 

2) To grow external awareness about Wellmo as an employer in the job market.

To start with, we held an employer branding workshop with Wellmo’s current team. In the workshops, we aimed to find Wellmo’s strengths as an employer. What do the team members most like about their job? What kind of problems are they solving in their everyday life? How does each one of them contribute to Wellmo’s mission? 

We also held in-depth interviews focused on the company goals, culture, HR and the team member experiences. This was to get as much information and deepr understanding of how do we position Wellmo and what their strengths are as an employer. 

As a result, we will be drafting an Employer Branding Playbook and a consistent content plan that will be contributing to building the brand about Wellmo that is true, highlights their strengths and positions them in the job market in the eyes of their desired candidates.

We conducted the first blog posts to their career page to support the recruitments but also to act as cornerstone content for their career page that will be updated in the future! 

👉Check out Wellmo’s founding story and what their software developers think about building a platform transforming digital health.

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