January 24, 2024

David Näsström

What can you automate in your recruitment process?

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TalentBuzz Podcast Summary with Guest David Nässström from Refapp

Key Topics and Insights from David Nässström:

Efficient Job Advertising:

  • David stresses the importance of pre-work in creating job ads, including developing job families and conducting thorough job analyses. This foundational work ensures that job ads are both accurate in describing the role and appealing to potential candidates.

Job Analysis and Writing Effective Ads:

  • He emphasizes the necessity of a detailed job analysis to accurately reflect job requirements. Additionally, job ads should be crafted as compelling sales pitches to attract the right candidates, capturing their attention quickly and effectively.

Talent Pools and Employer Branding:

  • David discusses the concept of talent pools, highlighting the need to actively engage with candidates in these pools through employer branding efforts. This engagement could include newsletters, webinars, or social media interactions to maintain interest and familiarity with the company.

Automating Outreach in Talent Acquisition:

  • He believes that future talent acquisition will likely include more automated outreach, though it should be personalized and humanized to effectively engage candidates. Automation should be balanced with personalized communication, particularly in recruitment marketing.

Reference Checks and Recruitment Process Efficiency:

  • David explains how automating reference checks can lead to a more efficient recruitment process. Standardizing reference checks also reduces bias and increases the validity of the recruitment process.

Contract Phase and Onboarding Communication:

  • He advocates for automated contract processes for efficiency and a better candidate experience. Furthermore, David suggests that companies should engage with new hires between the contract signing and start date to prevent drop-offs and enhance the onboarding experience.


  • The discussion concludes with an emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation in talent acquisition processes, utilizing both technology and human interaction to create effective and efficient recruitment strategies.

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