January 24, 2024

Antti Poikolainen

How Yousician creates an awesome candidate experience?

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Podcast Summary: Episode of #TalentBuzz with Guest Antti Poikolainen from Yousician:


  • Host: Introduction to #TalentBuzz.
  • Guest: Antti Poikolainen, from Yousician.
  • Topic: Creating an exceptional candidate experience in a SaaS company.

Importance of Candidate Experience:

  • Considered as the first impression of the company.
  • Sets expectations for an employee's potential tenure.
  • Provides a competitive advantage in hiring.
  • Upholds human decency and leaves a positive impression, regardless of the hiring outcome.

Antti's Recruitment Experience at Yousician:

  1. Impressed by the personal touch and communication between interview stages.
  2. Felt valued and motivated throughout the process.

Candidate Experience Stages:

  • Begins from the first interaction with the company.
  • Employer branding aligns with company messaging and values.
  • Includes pre-interview interactions and career page information.

First Contact with Candidates:

  • Transparency and open communication are key.
  • Utilizes real dialogue instead of standard procedures.
  • Focuses on candidate's questions and preferences.

Scalability vs. Personalization:

  • Challenges in balancing automated processes with personalized interactions.
  • The need for fairness and equal treatment in recruitment processes.
  • Adjusts processes based on role seniority and candidate preferences.

Collecting Candidate Feedback:

  • Uses automated surveys via their applicant tracking system.
  • Encourages feedback through all communication channels.
  • Views feedback as crucial for process improvement.

Expectation Management:

  • Details the recruitment process timeline from the start.
  • Aligns role expectations with company and team objectives.
  • Addresses concerns about relocation and living conditions.

Emotions in Candidate Experience:

  • Recognizes the emotional aspect of job change.
  • Focuses on motivation and addresses uncertainties.
  • Empathy plays a significant role in improving the recruitment experience.

Proudest Candidate Experience:

  • Recounts a case where a candidate applied three times.
  • Maintained positive communication throughout, leading to eventual hiring.
  • Highlights the importance of maintaining good relations with all candidates.

Biggest Mistake in Candidate Experience:

  • Shares a personal experience of failing to communicate effectively during a rejection.
  • Emphasizes the need for clear, empathetic communication in rejection calls.
  • Views feedback as an opportunity for improvement.

Closing Remarks:

  • Host's Conclusion: Encourages sharing of the episode and feedback.
  • Sign-off: Reminders about the importance of talent acquisition in SaaS companies.

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