January 24, 2024

Robin Corralez

How to structure your talent acquisition team?

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Summary of #TalentBuzz Episode with Robin Corralez from PandaDoc


  • Host: Samuli Salonen
  • Guest: Robin Corralez from PandaDoc
  • Topic: Talent acquisition journey of PandaDoc, growing to over 800 employees

Talent Acquisition Team Structure at PandaDoc

  • The team is globally distributed, with approximately 20 recruiters across 6-7 countries.
  • Robin directly leads the TA function, with four TA leaders under her.
  • The teams are divided into revenue/general administration, marketing/product, and engineering.
  • Recruiters are managed globally, allowing flexibility in hiring worldwide.
  • A recruiting operations function exists for coordination, data, analytics, and employment branding.

Evolution of the TA Team

  • Initially, HR handled recruiting, but as the company grew, dedicated TA was established.
  • The team was originally split geographically, then evolved to a functional focus for scalability.
  • Challenges included time zone differences and entering new markets with limited local knowledge.
  • Efforts made to understand local employment laws and conditions in new markets.

In-House Recruitment and Agency Use

  • Primarily in-house recruitment.
  • Agencies used for intelligence gathering in new markets but were not always successful.
  • Emphasis on understanding local markets through internal efforts and hiring local recruiters.

Resource Planning and Recruitment Strategy

  • Annual and quarterly planning with finance and HR partners.
  • Plans are adjusted based on business needs, market conditions, and attrition rates.
  • Recruitment heavily influenced by budget considerations and global economic factors.

Metrics and Success Measurement

  • Standard metrics include time to fill, hiring velocity, and service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Qualitative metrics like hiring manager NPS and candidate feedback surveys are used.
  • Data-driven approach using tools like Greenhouse and Google Sheets.

Employer Branding and Recruitment Alignment

  • Employer branding is managed within recruiting operations, closely aligned with marketing.
  • Collaboration with marketing for content creation and audience targeting.
  • Challenges in resource competition between marketing and recruiting functions.

Balancing Standard Processes and Recruiter Autonomy

  • Initiatives to standardize recruiting processes.
  • Importance of engaging the recruitment team and soliciting feedback for buy-in.
  • Approach of testing and iterating processes to adapt and improve.

Final Thoughts and Advice

  • Emphasis on building relationships and pipelining candidates for efficient hiring.
  • Importance of recruiter feedback and testing new processes for continuous improvement.
  • The necessity of balancing strict processes with flexibility for recruiters to be themselves.


  • Robin Corralez shares insights on managing a global TA team and the challenges of scaling talent acquisition in a fast-growing SaaS company.
  • The episode highlights the importance of strategic planning, adapting to market changes, and aligning recruitment with overall business goals.

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