February 12, 2024

Robin Choy

How to do effective candidate outreach?

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Recap of #TalentBuzz Episode with Robin Choy of HireSweet

Introduction to the Episode

In the 50th episode of #TalentBuzz, host Samuli Salonen celebrates a milestone with guest Robin Choy, the founder of HireSweet. They delve into the nuances of talent acquisition in the SaaS industry, sharing insights from both their experiences in the field. The episode kicks off with light banter about the challenges of podcasting, including occasional mishaps like forgetting to hit the record button, showcasing the candid and relatable side of hosting a podcast.

Understanding HireSweet

  • Company Overview: Robin introduces HireSweet, founded in 2016, which operates a talent marketplace for software engineers in France and offers a recruiting CRM tool for enhancing productivity in talent acquisition.
  • The Genesis of HireSweet: The idea was born from the lack of systematic outreach in recruitment, leading to the development of a CRM that facilitates proactive talent acquisition.

The Evolution of Talent Acquisition

  • Challenges in Recruitment: The discussion highlights common issues in recruitment, such as reliance on ineffective outreach methods and the importance of a systematic approach to talent sourcing.
  • Productivity in Recruitment: HireSweet's CRM tool is likened to HubSpot for recruiting, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive database and multi-channel outreach to improve recruiter efficiency.

Automating Recruitment Without Losing the Human Touch

  • The Myth of Fully Automated Recruitment: Robin criticizes the concept of fully automating the recruitment process, stressing the importance of personalization and human intervention in making the recruitment process more effective.

The Art of Outreach and Engagement

  • Crafting Effective Messages: The conversation shifts to strategies for improving outreach, including personalization, the use of multi-channel communication, and the critical role of follow-ups in engaging potential candidates.
  • The Importance of Value Proposition: Emphasizing the candidate's perspective in job opportunities and focusing on how a role can contribute to their career growth rather than just selling the company.

Nurturing Talent and Building Relationships

  • Long-term Engagement: Both Samuli and Robin discuss the significance of building and nurturing relationships with candidates over time to create a sustainable talent pipeline.
  • Responding to 'I'm Not Interested': They explore strategies for converting disinterest into an opportunity for engagement and insight gathering.

Top 5 Key Learnings from the Episode

  1. Systematic Outreach: The importance of moving beyond basic LinkedIn messages to a more structured and systematic outreach approach for talent acquisition.
  2. Human-Centric Automation: Automating the recruitment process should enhance, not replace, human interactions, ensuring personalization and relevance in communication.
  3. Value Proposition Focus: Emphasize the candidate's career growth and potential when discussing job opportunities, making them the hero of their own career story.
  4. Talent Nurturing: Building long-term relationships with potential candidates is crucial for sustainable talent acquisition, even if they are not currently looking to change jobs.
  5. Effective Engagement: When faced with a candidate's disinterest, delve deeper to understand the reasons behind it and maintain the relationship for future opportunities.

This episode of #TalentBuzz offers invaluable insights into modernizing talent acquisition strategies, emphasizing the blend of technology and personal touch in recruiting top talent for SaaS companies.

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