January 24, 2024

Grete-Maarja Tött

How to attract, retain, and other fun questions with Gen-Z

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Summary of #TalentBuzz Episode with Grete Tött from Bolt

IntroductionIn this episode of #TalentBuzz, host Samuli Salonen and guest Grete Tött from Bolt discuss Generation Z, their unique characteristics, and effective strategies for recruiting them.

Understanding Generation Z

  • Age Bracket: Gen Z typically includes individuals aged between 12 and 27.
  • Digital Natives: This generation is recognized for being digital-first, often engaging primarily through digital channels.

Recruiting Gen Z: Key Strategies and Channels

  • Adapting to Digital Channels: Companies need to be present on platforms where Gen Z is active, like LinkedIn, TikTok, and possibly Snapchat for internal communication.
  • Authenticity and Transparency: Gen Z values authenticity in their employers, expecting them to reflect conversations on diverse life elements.

Employer Branding for Gen Z

  • Balancing Channels: Bolt focuses on LinkedIn for employer branding, leaving TikTok for product-related content.
  • Visual and Story-driven Content: Companies should showcase their diversity, ethics, and impact through visual content and real stories, rather than just stating values.

Communication Preferences

  • Email still works for professional communication, but there is a shift towards more interactive and instant messaging platforms. Companies should be open to adopting new communication channels if they align with internal culture.

Deciding Factors in Job Selection

  • Beyond Salary: While salary remains important, Gen Z also prioritizes company values, ethical practices, and social impact.
  • Visibility and Proof: Employers should visibly demonstrate their commitment to values like diversity and sustainability through actions and not just statements.

Workplace Culture and Mental Health

  • Open Discussions: There is a growing trend of openness about mental health, with companies increasingly offering support like healthcare benefits covering mental health.
  • Personal Days: Flexible benefits like personal days without questions asked are appreciated.

Job Hopping vs. Longevity

  • The trend of shorter tenures at companies is noted, but providing growth opportunities, good compensation, flexibility, and a healthy work environment can encourage longer stays.

Actionable Tips for Companies

  • Conduct internal interviews with younger employees to understand their motivations and preferences.
  • Choose effective communication channels based on these insights.
  • Simplify the application process and make it digitally accessible.
  • Engage younger employees in advocating for the company on social platforms.

ConclusionTo attract and retain Gen Z talent, companies need to embrace digital channels for recruitment, uphold authenticity, demonstrate their commitment to values, and adapt to changing communication preferences. Understanding and integrating the unique perspectives of Gen Z into the workplace culture is crucial for future talent acquisition success in SaaS companies.

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