January 24, 2024

Edward Ford

How Supermetrics scaled their marketing team while growing to 50m€ ARR?

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Podcast Summary: Episode of #TalentBuzz with Guest EdWard Ford from Supermetrics


  • Host: Introduction to #TalentBuzz.
  • Guest: Edward Ford, from Supermetrics.
  • Topic: Scaling a marketing team in a SaaS company.

Edvard's Background and Joining Supermetrics:

  • Previously worked in a B2B SaaS marketing agency.
  • Joined Supermetrics to experience in-house operations in a SaaS company.
  • Attracted by Supermetrics' growth, potential, and team dynamics.

Growth of the Marketing Team:

  • Team expanded from 3 to 30 members.
  • Focused on aligning hires with company stages and go-to-market strategies.
  • Considered factors like self-serve vs. sales-led approaches in hiring.

Key Hiring Considerations:

  • Importance of a well-rounded generalist in early stages.
  • The role of product marketing in efficient bottom-funnel processes.
  • Hiring channel-specific specialists based on the company's needs.

Decision-Making: In-house vs. Outsourcing:

  • Utilized freelancers and agencies for scalability and specific expertise.
  • Outsourcing as a way to test new marketing strategies with lower risk.

Strategic Recruitment Planning:

  • Transitioned from immediate hiring needs to long-term strategic planning.
  • Emphasized importance of aligning hires with future business goals.
  • Collaborated closely with the internal talent acquisition team.

Challenges in Recruitment and Team Growth:

  • Biggest challenge: finding the right cultural fit.
  • Emphasized maintaining company culture during rapid growth.
  • Importance of CEO involvement in preserving cultural integrity.

Validating Cultural Fit in Recruitment:

  • Utilized multiple opinions and interview stages to assess fit.
  • Focused on value alignment and examples from candidates' past experiences.
  • Onboarding as an additional period for mutual evaluation.

Biggest Learning and Challenges:

  • Learned the critical importance of not compromising on cultural fit.
  • Overcoming biases in recruitment to ensure long-term team cohesion.
  • Challenges in balancing rapid growth with maintaining company culture.

Closing Remarks:

  • Host's Conclusion: Encourages listeners to share feedback and follow the podcast.
  • Sign-off: Reminders to stay connected with the podcast for more insights.

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