January 24, 2024

Malin Freiman Moezzi

How AI will change the recruitment industry?

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Episode Summary: The Future of Talent Acquisition - Featuring Malin Moezzi


  • Host: Samuli Salonen from TalentBee.
  • Guest: Malin Moezzi from Asker Technologies.
  • Topic: The future of talent acquisition, especially regarding the use of AI.

AI in Recruitment and Interviews

  • Malin believes AI won't replace human interaction in interviews, as social elements are crucial in recruitment.
  • AI will be used more by recruiters and candidates, especially for preparation and assessment.
  • The need for human contact: Candidates prefer to meet future colleagues and get a feel for the company culture.

Leadership and AI

  • Discussion on whether AI will replace leadership roles.
  • Malin argues that human elements, such as support and recognition, are vital in leadership, which AI can't fully replicate.
  • The role of leaders may change with AI automation, but interpersonal aspects will remain crucial.

Decision-Making in Hiring

  • The challenge of making hiring decisions based on interviews and data.
  • Malin suggests using AI for transcript analysis but acknowledges the complexity of relying solely on data.
  • Importance of balancing data-driven methods with human judgment in recruitment.

Bias in Recruitment

  • Acknowledging the inherent biases in recruitment processes.
  • Importance of being aware of one's biases and striving to minimize them.
  • The need for a structured and fair recruitment process, considering both the company’s and candidates' needs.

Candidate Experience

  • The significance of candidate experience in the recruitment process.
  • Impact of a bad interview experience on employer brand.
  • Recruitment should be a two-way street, focusing on both assessing candidates and selling the company to them.

Hiring Process and Fairness

  • The complexity of ensuring a fair hiring process.
  • The impossibility of completely bias-free recruitment.
  • Need for multiple, diverse steps in the recruitment process to gather comprehensive data.

Work Sample Tests

  • Work sample tests as a reliable assessment method.
  • Challenges with implementing work sample tests, especially for short-term evaluations.

Role of AI in Recruitment’s Future

  • AI is unlikely to replace recruiters but may replace those who don't adapt to new methods.
  • The shift towards evidence-based recruitment methods and AI tools.


  • Malin emphasizes the need for recruiters to embrace AI and evidence-based methods while maintaining the human aspects of the recruitment process.

Key Learnings and Actionable Tips:

  • Embrace AI as a tool to enhance recruitment processes, not as a replacement for human interaction.
  • Train hiring managers and recruiters to be aware of their biases and use structured interviews.
  • Focus on candidate experience to attract top talent and protect the employer brand.
  • Balance objective data-driven methods with subjective human judgment in decision-making.
  • Adapt recruitment strategies to be fair and comprehensive, utilizing diverse assessment methods.
  • Recognize the importance of leadership roles and their evolving nature in the context of AI integration.
  • Foster continuous learning and adaptation to new recruitment technologies and methodologies.

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