January 24, 2024

Tiina Hahtovirta

Fiksuruoka's employer branding journey

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TalentBuzz Podcast Summary with Guest Tiina Hahtovirta from Fiksuruoka

Key Points from Tiina Hahtovirta:

  • Employer Branding Journey:Fiksuruoka started focusing on employer branding about a year ago. With rapid growth and expansion, they recognized the need to develop their employer brand to attract the right talent, particularly as they expanded into new markets like the Netherlands.
  • Difference Between Customer and Employer Brand:Tiina emphasized that while Fiksuruoka had strong brand awareness from a customer perspective, it was vital to build a distinct employer brand to be recognized as a desirable workplace.
  • Strategic Approach to Employer Branding:The initiative began as part of their overall strategy, considering long-term goals rather than immediate fixes. The process involved co-creating an employer branding strategy with the brand team, focusing on aligning it with business objectives.
  • Challenges in Employer Branding:They faced challenges in expanding their talent pool, especially in new markets. The employer branding effort was aimed at addressing these future challenges.
  • Getting Buy-in for Employer Branding:Convincing the management team involved discussions about the long-term benefits and return on investment. The strategy was integrated into the overall business goals.
  • Employee Involvement:Employees were encouraged to participate in the employer branding process. By sharing their stories and experiences, they could authentically represent the company culture.
  • Content Strategy:Fiksuruoka focused on creating content that was true to their culture and different from competitors. They also made it easy for employees to share content on social platforms.
  • Targeting Different Markets and Roles:Their strategy included creating specific content for different markets and roles, balancing common themes with targeted recruitment marketing.
  • Partnership with TalentB:Tiina recommended partnering with an agency like TalentB, emphasizing their alignment with Fiksuruoka’s values, agile working style, and data-driven approach.
  • Advice to Others:She advised other companies to be brave in their employer branding efforts, choose partners that align with their values, and be open to learning and evolving strategies.

Tiina Hahtovirta’s insights showcase Fiksuruoka’s strategic and thoughtful approach to employer branding, highlighting the importance of aligning it with overall business objectives, involving employees, and choosing the right partners to enhance their brand as an employer.

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