January 24, 2024

Johanna Rauhala

Combining three companies. How does this affect recruitment & employer branding?

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Podcast Summary: Episode of #TalentBuzz with Guest Johanna from Haiilo


  • Host: Introduces the #TalentBuzz podcast.
  • Guest: Johanna from Haiilo, a newly formed SaaS company from the merger of Smart, Koyo, and Jubilee.
  • Topic: Challenges and strategies in recruitment and employer branding after forming a new brand.

Creating a New Brand - Challenges in Recruitment:

  • Haiilo, being a new brand, faces the challenge of establishing recognition.
  • Candidates are more familiar with the legacy brands, requiring additional explanation and effort in recruitment.
  • Social media and strategic branding efforts are key to building Haiilo's identity.

Advantages of Starting with a New Brand:

  • A fresh start allows for redefining company values and employer branding.
  • Opportunity to create a new perception and identity distinct from the legacy brands.

Integrating Recruitment Processes from Three Companies:

  • One of the first tasks was to unify recruitment processes.
  • Established a global process, adapting to the different recruitment styles of each country.
  • Created a flexible framework, maintaining core stages but allowing for local modifications.

Challenges with Tools and Data Integration:

  • Combining different HR and talent acquisition tools was complex.
  • Achieved global consistency in people management but faced challenges in payroll and benefits due to regional differences.

Combining Cultures and Team Structures:

  • Focused on finding suitable roles for overlapping positions.
  • Emphasized creating a new, unified company culture while respecting individual strengths.
  • Engagement and feedback initiatives helped integrate values and build unity.

Navigating Overlapping Roles and Leadership:

  • Required strategic alignment of roles and responsibilities.
  • Global teams were formed to promote unity while considering location-specific needs.

Progress on Integration Journey:

  • Scored around 9 out of 10 on integration scale, with significant unification achieved.
  • In-person company events played a crucial role in solidifying team unity post-COVID.

Reflections on the Merger Process:

  • Importance of communication to ensure clarity and manage expectations.
  • Acknowledged the challenges posed by remote operations during COVID-19.
  • Highlighted the successful implementation of new company values.

Closing Remarks:

  • Host's Conclusion: Encourages sharing the episode for insights on talent acquisition in SaaS companies.
  • Sign-off: Reminder about the importance of effective recruitment strategies and employer branding in the SaaS sector.

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