January 24, 2024

David McDonnell

Combining 2 talent acquisition teams: Leadfeeder & Echobot

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TalentBuzz Podcast Summary with Guest David McDonnell from Leadfeeder & Echobot

Merger Challenges: Combining Talent Strategies of Leadfeeder and Echobot

  • The main challenge was aligning two different talent acquisition strategies from Leadfeeder (remote-first approach) and Echobot (localized in Karlsruhe, Germany).
  • An initial assessment was conducted by Gartner to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both teams.
  • Leadfeeder lacked early careers and campus functions, while Echobot excelled in this area.
  • Echobot lacked experience in international hiring, an area where Leadfeeder had expertise.

Combining Talent Acquisition Teams

  • The decision was made to make David the leader of both teams, consolidating talent acquisition under one leadership.
  • The team now includes campus and HQ recruitment, focusing on local talent and international hires.
  • Future plans include possibly adding a sourcing pillar to aid Talent Partners in building candidate pipelines.

Employer Branding Strategy Post-Merger

  • With the merger, the focus is on combining two different brands into one unified employer brand.
  • The goal is to leverage Echobot’s strong local presence and Leadfeeder’s international footprint.
  • An internal project is ongoing to define the new company’s brand, which will guide employer branding efforts.

Tech Stack Integration: Choosing One ATS

  • Each company used different Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) - Workable for Leadfeeder and Recruiting for Echobot.
  • A decision is underway to choose a unified ATS that meets their future hiring needs.
  • The aim is to have one ATS but potentially maintain separate licenses until the brand fully merges.

Measuring Recruitment Success

  • Key metrics include time to hire, aging requisitions, and candidate and hiring manager experiences.
  • Plans to introduce a Net Promoter Score (NPS) system to measure recruitment experience.
  • Invested in Screen Loop tool for gathering feedback and data to improve recruitment processes.

Challenges of Remote-First Hiring and Creating a Unified Culture

  • Both companies prioritize hiring for culture fit, easing the cultural merger.
  • The focus is on maintaining elements of both cultures while forming a new, unified culture.
  • Emphasis on flexibility and inclusiveness in the remote-first work environment.
  • Leadfeeder ranked highly for flexibility, reflecting their commitment to inclusive and adaptable work arrangements.

Looking Ahead: Priorities for Next Year

  • The main focus is on establishing a unified recruitment process and enhancing employer branding.
  • They aim to align recruitment processes with the newly formed company’s culture and business strategy.
  • Ongoing effort to be a flexible employer, accommodating various definitions of work-life balance.

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