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Building Talent Acquisition function from scratch

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Raine Kajastila

CEO & Founder

“TalentBee is a forward thinking company who are fun to work with. Our goal is to grow the company internationally and this means building a scalable talent acquisition function. TalentBee helps us with that and makes sure we get the best people to our team that share the vision of the company. TalentBee has delivered us fast results and we continue our cooperation with their on-going talent acquisition as a service model.”

Project summary

Valo Motion: A tech-driven mixed-reality gaming company, blending sports and gaming to encourage physical activity. Collaboration Focus: Working with the CEO & founder, and key team leaders to hire the best talent to GTM and tech team. Funding: Self-sustained growth with an emphasis on revenue and user engagement metrics. TalentBee's Role: Transitioning from basic recruitment to proactive talent acquisition and building a robust employer brand. Objective: Enhance Valo Motion's talent acquisition capabilities and employer branding to support their mission of hitting 1M plays per day by 2030.

Valo Motion's Business, key challenges & measuring success

Founded by Raine Kajastila, Valo Motion has always been ahead of the curve in creating innovative solutions that combine indoor sports and virtual games. The company's success is measured not just in revenue but in user engagement – a testament to their user-centric philosophy.

Currently Valo Motion has around 30 people in the team. They are born-global and have shipped their products to over 65 countries.

Their number of game plays per day is their North Star metric, and they just hit 200 000 plays per day. To sustain and grow this success, they needed a strategic approach to talent acquisition and employer branding. The goal is to hit 1 million plays per day by 2030, and the journey there will require a lot also from the talent acquisition perspective.

“In order to hit the 1 M goal we need to create new products and branch into new markets. Hiring the right people is the key in succeeding in this.” - Raine

Why talent acquisition is critical for Valo Motion

Even though Valo Motion had success in recruiting, they had only focused on making Valo Motion as a global trusted brand within their industry. However, there had been zero emphasis in Finland as an employer brand, and thus Raine said “no one really knew us”. As a result, it was harder to recruit talented people. Raine realized they needed to build an employer brand to attract talent and get known here.

They had done recruitments fully in-house but it required a lot of time from the hiring manager, which was time away from all the other things they needed to do. They weren’t happy with how more traditional recruitment agencies worked, so they wanted to try something new.

But why Raine decided to partner up with TalentBee from multiple agencies:

✅ He needed to build a strong employer brand and felt TalentBee were the people to do that with.

✅ The specialization in SaaS is something he felt comfortable with since they operate in the tech space, which has many similarities and overlaps with the SaaS industry.

✅ He strongly emphasized how fun TalentBee is to work with. Raine said, “Why work with someone who is not fun to work with? After all, that’s one of our companies core value:: We’re serious about fun.”

✅ TalentBee uses new technology, and tries things that haven’t been done before. This aligns with Valo Motion’s other core value “Be creative”.

The TalentBee solution: more than just recruitment

Valo Motion's partnership with TalentBee began with recruitment but quickly evolved into a comprehensive strategy encompassing employer branding. TalentBee's approach was not just about filling positions but understanding Valo Motion’s ethos and finding candidates who resonated with their mission.

Working with TalentBee, Valo Motion could adopt a more holistic view of recruitment, focusing on the bigger picture rather than just immediate hiring needs.

TalentBee’s unique methods, such as creating engaging employee-focused content and leveraging social media, not only enhanced Valo Motion's visibility but also attracted a broader pool of candidates.

Here are some examples of the things we have done in the employer branding side of things:

Results and reflections

The collaboration led to quick and effective results. TalentBee's understanding of Valo Motion's unique culture and needs helped streamline the recruitment process, ensuring that the new hires were not just skilled but a perfect fit for the company's dynamic environment.

So far TalentBee has helped Valo Motion to hire the following people to their team:

✅ Content Manager

✅ HR Specialist

✅ Junior Sales Representative

✅ AV Technician

✅ Financial Manager

And some other projects we are currently working with Valo Motion:

✅ Brand & Marketing Designer

✅ MVP version of ATS and implementing actual one H1

✅ Interview agendas for each recruitment

✅ Structured interview process and guidelines for hiring managers what happens after the hiring decision (done with HR)

✅ TA Playbook and recruitment plan for 2024

And here are some exciting things we have done on the employer branding side:

✅ Held an employer branding workshop with the employees at the Valo Motion office to collect some valuable first hand information about Valo Motion’s employee experience and what makes it such an interesting opportunity for tech and game industry experts.

✅ Created a plan to launch Valo Motion’s brand new career page. This project is being worked on in Q4/2023–Q1/2024. Career page with valuable content for the talent audience is a key media in building an employer brand.

✅ Drafted an employer branding playbook for Valo Motion’s employer brand positioning, goals and key communication themes.

✅ Created a content calendar with a consistent flow of inspiring EB content and started to implement that in Q1/2024.

✅ Focused on establishing strong processes, communication, workflows and routines for EB content production in collaboration with Valo Motion’s HR & growth marketing teams.

Raine's Verdict: “A partnership that reflects Valo Motion's core values”

Raine describes TalentBee as a forward-thinking and fun partner, aligning perfectly with Valo Motion's company ideology. The collaboration has been a game-changer, enabling Valo Motion to focus on their goal of 1M plays per day by 2030 with a team that truly embodies their spirit of innovation and fun.

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