Refined case story: A successful recruitment for a Technical Support Team Manager role

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Janette Hagerlund

Chief Operating Officer

"Working with TalentBee led to a successful hire for a Technical Support Team Manager role. Their unique blend of recruitment marketing and expert support made the hiring process swift and efficient. We appreciated their proactive communication and creative ideas. TalentBee's approach, from profile definition to compelling job ads, attracted high-quality candidates. The inclusion of employer branding played a significant role in finding candidates who align with our culture. The entire process was well-managed and efficient, leading to a successful hire in just 6 weeks."

Project summary

TalentBee helped Refined in their recruitment for a Technical Support Team Manager role for their Helsinki office. Let's take a look at how we found the right person for the job by combining efficient recruitment marketing actions with recruitment.

Companies often struggle to find the perfect match for specialized roles such as Technical Support Team Manager, leading them to seek help from recruitment agencies. This is where TalentBee comes in, offering a unique approach to talent acquisition.

A different approach to talent acquisition: combining recruitment marketing and recruitment

TalentBee takes a different approach to talent acquisition by combining employer branding and recruitment. This means that we not only focus on finding potential candidates through talent search, but also work on promoting the company's brand and values to attract top talent. This approach proved to be highly effective in Refined's case.

Chloe Nauta, Head of People at Refined, shared her insights regarding choosing to collaborate with TalentBee:

"Our decision to partner with TalentBee was primarily fuelled by the need to streamline our COO & Hiring Manager, Janette's workload. Above all, we were looking for a swift, efficient hiring process. I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the process, in spite of not being heavily involved in it myself. The proactive communication we received, coupled with the fresh ideas presented, exceeded our expectations. This has left us pleased with the entire process and our decision to collaborate with TalentBee", Chloe says.

"This was our second attempt in finding the right person and this time was very different. From TalentBee, we got a really great backlog of good candidates”, says Janette Hagerlund, the hiring manager and COO at Refined.

Kicking off the project with careful profile definition

TalentBee's collaboration with Refined began with a thorough discussion about the profile and job description of the Technical Support Team Manager role. This helped define the recruitment need, goals, necessary skills, qualifications, and experience required for the position.

Janette appreciated TalentBee's exercise during profile definition, which helped to prioritize the criteria and clarify what was important in the role:

“We haven’t done anything like this before, and there has been some misalignment in the profile because of that. I really liked the exercise during the profile definition process we did with TalentBee”, Janette says.

Leveraging effective recruitment marketing to get high-quality inbound applicants

After the careful profile definition, the next step was to turn the information into a recruitment plan by TalentBee’s experts Jesse Helin & Siiri Laaksonen. TalentBee’s approach to recruitment combines both talent search and recruitment marketing.

In the beginning, the needed recruitment marketing material was produced for the project by Siiri from TalentBee.

“TalentBee’s approach to writing job ads is different from the traditional way of writing job ads. Usually, job advertisements tend to be boring lists of requirements and skills expected from the candidates. When we are looking for a more specific role like Technical Support Team Manager – and the top talents are busy working in other companies, we recommend taking a more sales-minded approach to writing a job ad”, says Siiri, Employer Branding Strategist & Co-Founder at TalentBee.

Despite initial skepticism, Janette also found the job ad interesting, providing a positive reflection of the company:

“The job ad was interesting. I was very skeptical about it at first, because it was pretty long and very different from what we are used to. But after all, I really liked it – it gave a lot of context, and it created really good results”, Janette says.

In order to market the job advertisement on social media, complementing marketing content was also produced. An interview about Raj Sehmi, a Customer Success Manager working in the Swedish team at Refined was published on Refined's blog and content related to the recruitment campaign was shared on Linkedin.

A paid advertising campaign was built around the marketing content, which was targeted at the desired audience. This helped increase visibility and reach out to passive job seekers who may not have been actively looking for job opportunities at the moment.

Next, TalentBee presented a list of highly qualified inbound applicants to Janette and Chloe.

“We got relevant people through inbound with relevant SaaS background. This was something we didn’t have the last time”, Janette says about the results of the recruitment marketing campaign.

Jesse, COO & Senior Recruiter at TalentBee who worked in the project with Refined mentions:

"Many candidates in the process mentioned the marketing content as a really positive thing. They said that the job ad was informative and gave a really good first impression of Refined as an employer."

Chloe also noted that the recruitment marketing posts featuring Raj’s interview and the job ad were one of the best performing posts in the previous months on Refined’s Linkedin page.

Support throughout the recruitment process

TalentBee's involvement in the process didn't stop at presenting inbound candidates to Refined. We also provided support to Janette as a hiring manager throughout the recruitment process until the hiring decision.

This included:

  • guiding Refined on what questions to ask during interviews and when to ask them,
  • providing valuable insight into selecting the best candidate for the job,
  • creating a job offer for the selected candidate and
  • supporting them in the signing process.

This ensured a smooth and efficient hiring process, leading to a successful recruitment and the total time-to-hire being exactly 6 weeks from the kickoff until the chosen candidate signing the contract.

Evaluating TalentBee as a new recruitment partner

In conclusion, the partnership between Refined and TalentBee proved to be highly beneficial in finding the right candidate for the Technical Support Team Manager role.

TalentBee's unique approach to talent acquisition and support throughout the recruitment process played a crucial role in this successful recruitment. It goes to show that with the right recruitment agency, finding the perfect candidate for a specialized role can be made easier and more efficient.

Janette shared her insights:

"The Employer Branding (EB) element turned out to be fascinating. Despite positive sentiments from our employees and customers, our company's recognition is somewhat limited. It's quite unfortunate. The task of finding individuals who not only possess the necessary skills and experience, but also exhibit accountability, friendliness, and the right personability matching our culture, is always challenging! Here, EB can play a significant role."

Chloe provided feedback on TalentBee as a recruitment partner:

"During the recruitment project with TalentBee, we also had a goal to evaluate TalentBee as a new recruitment partner for us. There was proactive communication and creative ideas – and the next steps were communicated very well. The process was fast and efficient."

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