Terhi Hakala

Head of People Operations

"There was an open and fresh atmosphere during the whole process. TalentBee actively involved all different stakeholders e.g. hiring manager, team members."

Project summary

Enfuce is a Fintech company that raised 68,5m€ in funding. They needed help with the hard-to-fill Cloud Engineer role. TalentBee helped them to fill this role.

Enfuce made some changes in their talent acquisition team, and they realized that they needed help hiring a Cloud Engineer, so they decided to partner up with TalentBee.

They had worked with many other agencies with great results (Shoutout to our great competitors, Finders Seekers & Agile Search 🥰). This time, they wanted to try out the new player on the market mainly because they had heard that TalentBee:

✅ Focuses on Tech scale-ups that have raised funding

✅ TalentBee combines recruitment marketing with their projects

✅ TalentBee had successfully done similar Cloud Engineer projects in the past

Here’s what Heidi Cantell from their Talent Acquisition said:

“For this specific role, you had previous experience working with tech and SaaS companies and Fintech companies like us, which stood out as a great opportunity to collaborate. On the other hand, with our initial discussions about TA as a holistic function rather than just thinking of hiring as a transaction, I liked that approach on recruitment and talent acquisition.” - Heidi Cantell.

Working closely with the hiring managers

Typically, we partner directly with the hiring manager to save time for the hiring manager and the internal talent acquisition function. Here’s the feedback from the talent acquisition team and the relationship with the hiring team:

Headhunting with a twist

Competition for Cloud Engineers is high right now and skilled people are getting a lot of messages on Linkedin.

Most recruiters and agencies still send copy-paste messages that are very company focusedand sharing what kind of person they are looking for the company. We turn this around and focus on the candidate and in this search we created a personalized video campaign where we sent each of the potential candidates a video describing why this might be an interesting opportunity for them and why we got interested in their profile.

We focus on quality of the candidates rather than a high number of outreach. With personalized videos we get great results and create an awesome brand experience of Enfuce.

We contacted 20 people with a 50% response rate and ended up getting 4 high-quality candidates to the process. In this project the hired candidate was from this source.

Recruitment marketing part of the hiring process

After understanding the needed profile, we decided to use recruitment marketing as part of the project to support the headhunting activities

Here’s how we approached it:

It was a job ad where we focused on the role's selling points. In this case, we identified the selling points as:

  1. Your work has a tangible business impact
  2. Dive deeper into cloud security and its technical infrastructure
  3. Technology-oriented and collaborative role with strong ownership

We always aim to avoid basic taglines like: "We have a great culture". Instead, we change that to "You'll thrive in a proactive and growth-oriented culture" or anything more descriptive.


Additionally, we did a lot of recruitment marketing from company channels and personal LinkedIn profiles of Enfuce’s key people. We always utilize our customer’s own brand materials and e.g. in this case Enfuce provided the visual elements of the campaign. See some examples from here:

Here’s what Enfuce thought about the employer branding content:

We constantly track data, and here are some results from there. We never aim for the number of applications but the quality of things:

Building talent pipelines

A typical problem that most agencies do is to have only one top candidate at the finish line. With that approach, you might end up in a situation where that candidate rejects the offer, and then you need to start the whole process over.

That’s why we focus on building talent pipelines and ensuring we have multiple good people on the finish line to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

We handled the intro calls for the project and passed the most suitable candidates to the hiring team, ending up in a successful hire for the cloud engineering role for Enfuce.

Here’s Enfuce’s comment on this:

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