Talent Acquisition Strategist

Recruiter, we have a question for you. After working in the field of recruitment for the past years – have you thought: "is this it?" Like, is this it: ad hoc recruiting to critical roles in constant panic, helping HM's with almost-impossible hiring tasks, struggling with not having time for EB (and the expertise for that matter)... BUT knowing at the same time that there is a better way. At TalentBee, our approach to talent acquisition is something new – we're here to change the way growth companies do it! Read more to find out what that would mean for you! 🐝

Here is what's in it for you:

As our Talent Acquisition Strategist you become a badass business growth professional, who can understand both recruitment and EB as strategic actions. Working as a strategic partner to our customers, you will learn to understand different kinds of businesses really well.

This is the right path for you if you want to take your knowhow to a truly strategic level that creates results to support a company's growth. Whether you work in an in-house role or in an agency right now, working at TalentBee will step up your career, because you get to see a lot of different businesses that aim for high growth in the competitive SaaS industry.

Read about our salary model here >>

What you'll do as a part of our team:

With us, you will be a Full Time Bee. 🐝 This means, that working at TalentBee will be 100 % about working in a startup.

Caution: this is not the greatest job for everyone! So, be prepared for a lil' chaos!

But here's what your role as Talent Acquisition Strategist will look like:

⚙️ CREATING TA STRATEGIES FOR OUR CUSTOMERS: With the help of our EB experts you will create TA strategies for our customers. You will learn more about EB and how that can support our recruitment work. At the beginning, this will take around 20% of your time.

📈 DELIVERING RESULTS FOR CUSTOMERS AND LEADING A TEAM: Simply put – you will execute the talent acquisition and recruitment strategies for our customers and guide your team towards great results. We estimate that at the beginning you would use around 50% of your time for this.

⚙️ DEVELOPING OUR OWN PROCESSES: To speak the truth things are still all over the place. This means you will have the chance to work on a lot of things around the whole business and will get a lot of responsibilities. Developing scalable processes is crucial for our growth as a business. We need you to help us with that! We estimate you would use around 30% of your time for this.

💰 SUPPORT OUR SALES AND MARKETING: You will also work closely in collaboration with our sales. Customers buy our expertise and awesome personalities to work with so we want you to be part of the whole process from the beginning. This will also support your growth to become someone who can sell their own expertise and convert it into income really well – not a bad skill to have, right?

Skills and experience you'll need to be successful:

When we make a decision to hire someone for the role of Talent Acquisition Strategist, we look for these qualities:

✅ Wider, creative perspective to talent acquisition and business

✅ Convincing manner in written & spoken communication

✅ Insights in creating a strategy (either in recruitment or EB)

✅ Data and fact-driven approach & interest to decision making and

✅ Presentation Skills

Sounds like you? Awesome! Please note that this role is not an open role but an example role we are typically recruiting for. We are recruiting all the time, and connecting with people that see TalentBee as their ideal workplace. Read more about our recruitment process on our Careers site >>