Employer Branding Content Creator

Are you dreaming of creating a long-term career around the awesome topic of employer branding? As our Employer Branding Content Creator you work as a part of our talent acquisition team in customer projects. You are the maker of great results in employer brand growth marketing for SaaS growth businesses. Following the latest content trends in written and audio-visual formats, you help our customers to create that buzz. Read more below! 🐝

Here is what's in it for you:

As our Employer Branding Content Creator you will kick off your growth journey into becoming a talent acquisition professional who can understand both recruitment and EB. Working with our customers operating in different industries, you will learn to understand the daily life of people working in different roles & different kinds of businesses really well.

This is the right path for you if you want to expand your creative content creation knowhow into the the field of employer branding and strategic action that creates results to support a company's growth. Whether you work in an in-house role or in an agency right now, working at TalentBee will step up your career, because you get to see a lot of different businesses that aim for high growth in the competitive SaaS industry.

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What you'll do as a part of our team:

With us, you will be a Full Time Bee. 🐝 This means, that working at TalentBee will be 100 % about working in a startup.

Caution: this is not the greatest job for everyone! So, be prepared for a lil' chaos!

But here's what your role as Employer Branding Content Creator will look like:

💻 CREATING CUSTOMER CONTENT: Creating content plans and producing content for our customers’ employer branding and recruitment marketing in written and audio-visual formats. We estimate you would use around 50 % of your time for this.

🐝 CREATING TALENTBEE CONTENT: At our current growth phase as a business, copywriting for TalentBee’s own digital sales & EB channels would be a part of your role. We estimate you would use around 20 % of your time for this.

⚙️ DIGITAL MARKETING: A part of your role would be leveraging and staying up-to-date with digital marketing tools, tactics and trends. We estimate you would use around 20 % of your time for this.

🚀 WORKING IN A STARTUP: To speak the truth things are still all over the place. This means you will have the chance to work on a lot of things around the whole business and will get a lot of responsibilities. And create processes. A lot of processes. No kidding. Sales and marketing belong to everyone in our team right now.

Skills and experience you'll need to be successful:

When we make a decision to hire someone for the role of Employer Branding Content Creator, we look for these qualities:

✅ Written communication skills. A clear, comprehensible and trust-inspiring way.

✅ You're super-duper interested in EB / content marketing / growth marketing

✅ You are all the time studying what's interesting in social media  & content right now

✅ You like to keep yourself up-to-date with current talent market trends

Sounds like you? Awesome! Please note that this role is not an open role but an example role we are typically recruiting for. We are recruiting all the time, and connecting with people that see TalentBee as their ideal workplace. Read more about our recruitment process on our Careers site.