Scaling GBuilder's international growth

Mikko Merikanto


“Talentbee’s understanding of SaaS business & focus on finding only SaaS talent helped us a lot during our cooperation. They really helped & challenged us to define the needed profile for our marketing team. The partnership was managed well & we are happy with the end results.”

Project summary


Helping GBuilder in finding their next Head of Marketing

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Employer Brand Growth Marketing

Our growth marketing approach to EB helps you to build a competitive brand in your talent market. It actively attracts your desired talents and helps you to retain them. By weekly EB marketing actions we create ongoing buzz around your company and help you to overcome the problem of being unknown in your talent audience.

Talent Acquisition as a Service = EB + Recruitment

Want to prevent hiring problems from threatening your high growth business goals in the long term? Let us have your back and work as your strategic talent acquisition partner. We take care of your weekly employer branding & recruitment actions for your sustainable hiring success. Good for companies planning to grow their headcount with 5< new colleagues.

One-time Recruiting & Headhunting projects

Need urgent help for one recruitment only? We can help you to multiply your chances of finding the right person ad hoc, too. Just note that we recommend this solution for one-time use only. We will always have your back, but if you're not ready to ditch risky and ineffective ad hoc after all, we are not the right one-time partner for you, either.