TalentBee's 3 values and how they are seen in our everyday decision making

Siiri Laaksonen

TalentBee's daily life is based on values. It's good to have something to remember everyday when you are making decisions regarding your work.

So, for us, our values are not just words – they are cornerstones for our culture.

TalentBee's 3 values

1. I have a permission to fuck up

We are doing something new in the field of talent and this means that there will be a lot of obstacles along the way. Quite often you will feel like you don’t know what you're doing. You need to be brave to try new things and learn. If you never fail it means you're not trying enough new things. Failing is part of life and we think it’s the best way to learn. We have a Slack channel for fuck-ups. We share the stories of our fuck-ups in public. We share with customers when we fucked up. We don’t hide our fuck ups but we use them as a way to develop.

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2. I’m taking transparency to another level

Yeah yeah, every company says that “we are transparent.” We took it to another level. We will publish e.g. our salaries & current business situation. We want to build a company where everything is transparent. We talk about the good things & the bad things – whether it’s about internal things or customer work. How do you feel about sharing your own salary with everyone? If good we are most likely a good fit for you. If you feel like no way 👉  We are not the place for you.

3. I will always have a lunch break

It’s crucial to have lunch breaks, because we humans need to eat. But this value goes beyond lunch breaks - This is about the mindset. There are always things to do in building a start up as well as in our customer work. I need to learn to set boundaries for myself so I don’t burn out. Period.

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